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Episode 26: Season 1 GOAT Phrase Champ

Mario Hines April 12, 2022

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This week on Appraise The Phrase:

“Appraise The Phrase: Origins of Everyday Expressions | Season 2: Episode 1 – The Season 1 GOAT Phrase Champ
Mario and Twenty welcome the Expression Appraisal Team members Mikki, Myron, Dre, and Fave.

For the first time in ATP History, watch as Mario is joined by Twenty and the entire Expression Appraisal Team to finish the Season 1 GOAT Phrase Tournament deciding the winners of the remaining 8 phrases.

As season 1 ended, the GOAT Phrase Tournament was launched. Thanks to the support of our listeners and social media followers, the 25 phrases from season 1 were voted on weekly to get us to this point. You don’t want to miss the round-by-round analysis of the top 8 Appraise The Phrase Season 1 phrases from the expert minds of the Expression Appraisal Team.

Each team member takes on a matchup on their own to decide the fate of the highest-ranked and highly favored season 1 phrases. Mario finishes the tournament by naming the semifinal winners before the entire team comes together for one last vote to crown the Season 1 GOAT Phrase Champ. Will the favorites #1 seed Actions Speak Louder Than Words and #2 seed Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer meet each other in the finals or will the underdogs (no pun) #22 seed Cut To The Chase or #18 seed Bite The Hand That Feeds You make an upset push? Tune in for the champ and much more as Appraise The Phrase podcast goes visual!


0:00 WZUP Opener
0:38 Intro
1:16 Roll Call
13:26 Top 8 Phrases
14:15 Action Speaks Louder Than Words vs. Cut To The Chase
27:53 Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer vs. Bite The Hand That Feeds You
41:51 Three Sheets To The Wind vs. Don’t Shoot The Messenger
51:59 Ok So Boom (Once Upon A Time) vs. Don’t Shoot The Messenger
59:30 Fave’s Picks
1:00:01 Semifinals
1:13:00 Season 1 GOAT Phrase Champ
1:19:00 The Dictionary of Misinformation

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