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Episode 27: You Are What You Eat ft. Chef Suellen

Mario Hines April 19, 2022

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This week on Appraise The Phrase:

Appraise The Phrase: Origins of Everyday Expressions | Season 2: Episode 2 – You Are What You Eat feat. Chef Suellen Drummond
Mario and Twenty welcome Chef Suellen Drummond to the Expression Appraisal Table.

Is You Are What You Eat purely a matter of healthy eating or is there more behind this catchy phrase?

Watch as Mario is joined by Twenty and Chef Suellen Drummond to discuss the meaning and origin of You Are What You Eat. Chef Suellen dives into how the phrase encompasses her love for cooking and her passion for representing her culture through cuisine.

Suellen Drummond is a Chef (Led kitchens of Michelin star restaurants in Boston, Brazil, New York, and California) and the founder and content creator at Favela Bonita which she defines as a celebration of Brazilian Culture and its people through food. You can find Chef Suellen and all of her amazing work at:

Instagram: and


0:00 Food/Energy/Social Media Opener
1:00 Intro
1:29 Roll Call
4:34 What is a Favela?
7:06 Webster’s Defines You Are What You Eat
11:14 It’s Time To Unveil The Origin
19:44 From France to Germany
22:22 Strongly Influenced A Generation of Thinkers
28:34 America meets You Are What You Eat
31:04 Feijoada Sundays
35:25 Diet, Hippies, and Classism
45:49 Appraise The Phrase
49:42 Favela Bonita
56:48 The Dictionary of Misinformation

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