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Society & Culture

Episode 31: Ignorance Is Bliss ft. ICW

Mario Hines May 17, 2022

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This week on Appraise The Phrase:


This show has a video version:

Mario and Twenty welcome Ian and Ace of ICW (InnerCity Weightlifting) to the Expression Appraisal Table.

To know or not to know? That is the question. Is Ignorance bliss to us all or just the first person to coin it?

Watch as Mario and Twenty are joined by ICW representatives Ian and Ace to discuss the meaning and origin of Ignorance Is Bliss. Who better to grade this life mantra than the organization that puts a spotlight on the negative effects of ignoring the sytemic issus that lie right in front of our faces. Ace gives his first hand perspective of the impact of the ignorance of a broken system on his journey to success and connects it to the phrase’s roots.

Ian is the Marketing Director at ICW and Ace is a participant and trainer. CW’s mission is to amplify the voice and agency of people who have been most impacted by systemic racism and mass incarceration. ICW is a culture and community where power dynamics are flipped, social capital is bridged, and new leaders emerge in the fight to combat long-standing inequities. The best 3 ways to support or engage with ICW is to become a Personal Training client, sign up for ICW On Demand, or Donate!

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You can also find all things ICW at:
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0:00 The Matrix Opener
0:57 Intro
1:45 Roll Call
3:43 ICW’s connection to Ignorance Is Bliss
8:50 The Meaning
13:54 Time To Unveil The Origin
16:27 Syrian Slave Turned Mime Crowned by Julius Caesar
21:27 Detriment To Society
23:50 Publilius Had Bars
25:37 Thomas Gray and Eton College
35:40 An Ode On A Distant Prospect of Eton College
37:40 Ignorance Is Bliss: The Album
40:23 Appraise The Phrase
52:38 The Dictionary of Misinformation

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