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Society & Culture

Episode 36 | S2 E11 – Baby Mama

Mario Hines June 21, 2022

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This week on Appraise The Phrase:


This show has a video version:

This week, Mario and Twenty welcome back ATP Creative Director Mik and accomplished writer Jamilah Lemieux to the Expression Appraisal Table.

This one goes out to all the baby mamas, baby mama’s mamas. Who that is? Oh, that’s just my baby daddy?

Watch as Mario and Twenty are joined by ATP Creative Director and founder of Ok So Boom Mik and writer and cultural critic Jamilah Lemieux to discuss the meaning and origin of Baby Mama. Jamilah shares her connection to a phrase that she brought to the Expression Appraisal Team and the conversation got interesting quick as Mario, Mik, and Twenty give personal insight on the impact of Baby Mama in their lives and we’re not just talking about the phrase!

Jamiliah Lemieux is an (award-winning) writer, podcast host, and public speaker who is rumored to be a leading millennial voice around issues of race, gender, and identity.
One of those pesky Black feminists. Challenging the status quo, while remaining funny and fly at all (okay, most) times. You can find all things Jamilah at:



0:00 Project Pat Baby Mama Opener
0:40 Intro
1:16 Roll Call
5:56 Connection to Baby Mama
14:34 Webster’s Definition
17:52 Time To Unveil The Origin
19:46 Jamaica and The Daily Gleaner
25:20 The Spanish, British, Jamaican Cordova Brothers
27:37 The Odd Fellows
32:52 Baby Mama In Hip Hop
46:21 Outkast and The Great Baby Mama Debate
51:09 Tina Fey The Baby Mama
55:36 The White Twist
1:01:09 Appraise The Phrase
1:04:37 Connect With Jamilah
1:06:00 Dictionary of Misinformation

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