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Society & Culture

Episode 38 | S2 E13: Grain of Salt

Mario Hines July 5, 2022

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This week on Appraise The Phrase:


This show has a video version:

This week, Mario and Twenty welcome former RMU classmate and current owner of Chef Toya Catering Latoya Fairley to the Expression Appraisal Table.

Watch as Mario and Twenty are joined by college basketball player turned professioal chef Chef Latoya Fairley to discuss the meaning and origin of Grain of Salt. Chef Toya connects the phrase Grain of Salt with her experience transitioning into a successful professional cooking career and the nature of the catering industry. This expression takes us on a journey of health, wealth, and a little magic on the way to how it is used today.

Latoya Fairley is a former college basketball player turned professional chef. She has served clients in the NBA, MLB, NFL, and WNBA. Chef Toya has launched a cookbook called Layers of Flavor: “A cookbook with a story” and owns and operates Chef Toya Catering. You can find all things Chef Toya at:

Buy the book: E-Book Release: July 2nd


0:00 Baby Boy, Barack Obama, Roe vs Wade, Salt Opener
0:47 Intro
1:42 Roll Call
2:47 Becoming Chef Toya
7:57 Connection To Grain of Salt
10:48 What is Grain of Salt? Webster’s Definition
13:17 The Origin of Grain of Salt
15:10 Naturalis Historia: The First Encyclopedia
17:10 Pliny The Great
28:45 Medicine Is Drugs, Drugs Is Medicine
31:05 Pompei The Great
34:44 Salt or Wit?
43:51 Appraise The Phrase: Our Grades
50:35 Connect With Chef Toya
55:14 Dictionary of Misinformation

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