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Everybody Wants Some!!

Ellen Adair November 23, 2022

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This week on Take Me In to the Ballgame:

Ellen Adair and Eric Gilde discuss the 2016 Richard Linklater film “Everybody Wants Some!!” They introduce the film (1:23), with an overview of the story, the cast, and filmmakers, and review the 20-80 baseball scouting grades for rating the film, with a new metaphor (5:42). Amount of Baseball (15:28) discusses the non-baseball sports activity and the storytelling in the baseball action. Stickball, cutting a baseball in half with an axe are ruled upon, plus a player comp. Baseball Accuracy (23:20) considers hitters viewing pitchers on their own team as adversaries, Jay Nile throwing 95 (or not), the history of pitch speed measurement (Bob Feller, Nolan Ryan), and the Astros and the 1980 World Series. Ellen gives some highlights of the Phillies-Astros 1980 NLCS, Eric discusses Arizona Wildcat baseball history. The scouts also discuss college roster sizes and average incoming class size, Charlie Pride, and the athletic history of Wyatt Russell, Tyler Hoechlin, and Austin Amelio. Rod McKuen vs Walt Whitman discussion comes here. What was the process for Willoughby’s transfer? Storytelling (47:23) discusses the exploration of the college athlete’s psyche, and their awareness (or lack thereof) of their life in baseball coming to an end. They consider the themes of competition, and the privilege of a task with impossible odds. Nez making bad bets, nostalgia, the development of the script and excellence of the dialogue, Finn’s ethos. Does everyone have a spare cowboy hat? The plausibility of the various parties. Twilight Zone and Tegwar missed connections. Baseball players’ superstitions, the pretend scout. Finally, the theme of frontiers and expectation. The Score Tool (1:19:34) reviews this truly epic musical curation, with music from Van Halen, Frank Zappa, Blondie, ZZ Top, Pat Benatar, Patti Smith, Donna Summer, Cheap Trick, and So Much More, with particular considerations of “My Shaarona” (The Knack), “Rapper’s Delight” (Sugarhill Gang), “Give Up the Funk” (Parliament), “Fearless” (Pink Floyd), “Another One Bites the Dust” (Queen), “Whip It” (Devo), “Pop Muzik” (M), “Cotton-Eyed Joe.” Acting (1:28:25) includes some discussion of the rehearsal process, and comparison to structure in “Dazed and Confused,” but mostly they wax poetic about the entire cast, including Glen Powell, Tyler Hoechlin, Wyatt Russell, Blake Jenner, Zoey Deutch, Temple Baker, Ryan Guzman, Will Britain, J. Quinton Johnson, Juston Street, Austin Amelio, Forrest Vickery and Tanner Kalina. Delightfulness of Catcher (1:43:46) is an opportunity to just focus on the extreme delightfulness of Temple Baker as Ty Plummer. Delightfulness of Announcer (1:47:07) is an opportunity to move on to the next category. Lack of Misogyny (1:47:15) is a challenge, given the general attitude of the men depicted towards women in the film, and the paucity of large female characters. No spoilers on the following segments: Yes or No (1:52:25), Six Degrees of Baseball (1:55:30), Favorite Moment (1:56:03) Least Favorite Moment (1:57:58), Scene We Would Have Liked to See (1:59:58), Dreamiest Player (2:01:29), Favorite Performance (2:01:52), and Next Time (2:03:26).


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