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Society & Culture

Episode 29: The Pot Calling The Kettle Black ft. Ms. Peacherino

Mario Hines May 3, 2022

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This week on Appraise The Phrase:


This show has a video version:

Mario and Twenty welcome Screenwriter/Director Monique to the Expression Appraisal Table.

Name-calling is frowned upon but what does it mean when the pot calls the kettle black?

Watch as Mario is joined by Twenty and Screenwriter, Director, and Owner of What We Watch Monique aka Ms. Peacherino to discuss the meaning and origin of The Pot Calling The Kettle Black. Peach dives into what phrases and idioms mean when English is not your first language. She connects The Pot Calling The Kettle Black to generations of hypocrisy while finding a soft spot for a certain fugitive.

Monique aka Ms. Peacherino, Founder of What We Watch, is a Black Latina that keeps you up to date with what’s hot in film & TV. Monique is a Civil & Environmental Engineer by trade and in November 2020, began moderating discussions on film & TV. As one of a select few Twitter Partners and Spaces Hosts, What We Watch became an ongoing space for unique conversations on film & TV hosted by Monique. Discussions about motifs, scores, scripts, cinematography, character development, film editing, production, and more. From the casual fan to the filmmaker or showrunner, these unique discussions include topics that encourage you to appreciate the art of film & TV in its entirety. Monique has interviewed screenwriters, directors, actors, illustrators, and showrunners on Twitter and YouTube. Her newsletter provides the best recommendations and highlights the team of artists responsible for the enjoyment of what we watch on screen. Film & TV allows us to experience different stories, ideas, and cultures and What We Watch brings us all together to uplift each other through art.
You can find Ms. Peacherino and keep up with all things What We Watch at:

Facebook, Youtube, and podcasts:


0:00 Martin Hoshitoshi Kettle Pot Opener
0:33 Intro
1:38 Roll Call
2:58 What We Watch
4:18 What’s Your Favorite Movie?
12:26 The Meaning
15:17 Time To Unveil The Origin
19:00 Translations From A Fugitive
26:19 Don Quixote and The Mispelled Legend
32:33 Santa Clause?
37:23 Around The Globe
43:42 Appraise The Phrase
49:50 More About What We Watch
56:12 The Dictionary of Misinformation

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