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Society & Culture

Episode 37 | S2 E12: Toot Your Own Horn

Chris Horwedel June 28, 2022

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This week on Appraise The Phrase:


This show has a video version:

This week, Mario and Twenty welcome teacher and author of Etymology Rules Brittany Selah to the Expression Appraisal Table.

What good is a horn that does not make a sound?

Watch as Mario and Twenty are joined by teacher, and author of Etymology Rules Brittany Selah to discuss the meaning and origin of (Don’t) Toot Your Own Horn. Brittany is a fellow lover of language and shares her passion of the words, meanings, and origins with us. She discusses the importance of uplifting her students, people of color, and herself through education and knowledge. By the end of the show, we all may have something to toot our horns about.

Brittany Selah Lee-Bey is an educator and writer from the DC Metropolitan area. She enjoys teaching learners of all ages, but especially middle-schoolers, and lives by the idea that reading and writing are “emancipatory acts.” By day, she’s a reading specialist and a debate coach at a secondary school in DC, but by night she is one half of the rap duo OyaBlaq. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys reading, writing fiction and poetry, spending time in nature, playing the keyboard, listening to good music, and TV binge-watching- especially reality shows. Her favorite literary genre is Black speculative fiction, reading authors such as Octavia Butler, Helen Oyeyemi and Tananarive Due.

EtymologyRules is an educational program Brittany created to equip people worldwide with the knowledge and power of words, as word knowledge is key to developing strong communication skills. EtymologyRules’ first book, Back to Basics, is a workbook with content and exercises to strengthen the readers’ English orthography (the study of a language’s writing system) and vocabulary. Readers of Back to Basics will gain knowledge to aptly analyze and interpret the written word. You can find all things Brittany and Etymology Rules at:

Buy the book: EtymologyRules: Back to Basics on Amazon


0:00 Tooting My Horn Dylan, Dave Chappelle, Snoop Dogg, Muhammad Ali Opener
1:03 Intro
1:50 Roll Call
2:59 The Miami Heat
5:20 What Is Etymology?
8:11 Connection To Toot Your Own Horn
12:26 Webster’s Definition
18:57 Time To Unveil The Origin
21:24 King James Bible Matthew Chapter 6
24:41 Social Media and Clout Chasing
29:47 Drake and God’s Plan
33:57 Miles Cloverdale
35:30 Sam Adams, John Adams, and John Warren
51:03 Black People Should Toot and Toot Loudly
57:57 Appraise The Phrase
1:02:37 Connect With Brittany
1:05:11 Dictionary of Misinformation

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Chris Horwedel

A lifelong sports fan who created NFL Draft Blitz all the way back in 1999. Chris founded Deep(ish) Thoughts in July of 2015 and that evolved into Underdog Sports in September of 2017. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Philadelphia sports teams, especially his beloved 76ers. #TrustTheProcess is a way of life.

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